Dear Nicola,

On Thursday 20th June the Scottish Government announced that it remains committed to reforming the Gender Recognition Act that allows trans people to change their legal sex. However many trans people have expressed their disappointment about the announcement.

Urge First Minister Nicola Sturgeon MSP, as the head of the Scottish Government, and leader of the SNP to support trans equality by ensuring that the Gender Recognition (Scotland) Bill will be passed before the next election in 2021. We cannot have opened the trans community to such intense pressure and scrutiny, for their rights to not be progressed.

Express your disappointment that the Government's proposals will not provide recognition for all trans people. To do this, they must also recognise non-binary people and under 18s. Their plans are short of the "international best practice" this Government promised, and will see Scotland fall behind on LGBTI rights.

Your email will have a much greater impact if you make it personal, and talk about your own experiences. To maximise effectiveness, express your views politely. We’ve got some text to start you off, but the more individual your email, the more chance it makes a difference! If you don’t want to add to the email, it’s fine just to send the text we’ve written.

If you want to personalise the email, an example of some of the types of things you might want to include are:
  • Why trans equality matters to you, and any relevant information about yourself or your experiences
  • How recent coverage of trans people and trans rights in Scotland has made you feel
  • Why you think the current Gender Recognition Act needs to be reformed
  • What it would mean to you to see Nicola Sturgeon MSP support the Equal Recognition campaign

If you want any info to help you write your email, you can find it at

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